Anastasia A is a Canadian pop-dance singer and songwriter who is taking the Canadian music scene by storm..
— Faze Magazine
Anastasia A creates music not for monetary value, but for the people who listen to it, love and have it on replay…she creates music for the fans
— UMusicians
Pop singer Anastasia A is living her dream! She has been singing since she was a little girl, and used to record herself singing along to songs on the radio. Anastasia has participated in Family’s Stand Up! anti-bullying campaign, performing an original song and music video with Victoria Duffield, Tyler Medeiros, and other Family Channel stars.
— Family Channel
If you think she looks familiar, her music is in heavy rotation on Disney/Family channel along with YTV. Her other singles are “Kiss & Tell” and “My Love” , “Sparks Fly” & EP “Something inside you”.
— BestFan
one ave
Anastasia is a talented, rising star in the music world. She believes in being original and putting her passion for music, in her music. She is One On OneAvenue as we got a chance to speak to her about her experiences, her upcoming album and how her journey has been so far.
— OneAvenue
family channel
TOP 5 moments of the 2015 MMVA’s : Singer, Anastasia A brings along designer Jordan Erin Mckay as her plus one
— Much Music
Anastasia A is a determined and energetic pop singer/songwriter who is aiming to inspire the world through her music. Between playing sold out Canadian Music Week shows and working on new music, Anastasia barely has time to breathe! However, if there’s anything she knows how to make time for, it’s her friends and her fans.
— Verve Girl Canada
Anastasia A on The Social
The bottom line is that Anastasia A is having a lot of fun and you can see that… the sky’s the limit.
— FernTV
verve girl